Getting Started Online

So you are looking your get your company going on line and you are not sure if you are receiving competitive quotes, asking the right questions or just not sure where to start?

I can help you get going quickly and easily with non techno babble advise that is easy to understand. I can help you focus your wish list into a usable request for quote document to make sure you get what you want and ensure all goals are met.


Getting Started OnLine


Starting online can be a daunting prospect for many companies and far to many go in half cocked and do not ask the right questions then getting a new website. Too many design companies deliver sites stating that search engine optimisation has been completed and all too often it has been left out completely.

Get a second opinion or guidance from someone in the know with over twelve years of hands on eCommerce sales and development experience. From design to architecture to usability to marketing, these are all the aspects you need to get right to have any chance of success.

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Get optimised with page by page optimisation to get you better results.


Search engine optimisation realise the potential of the internet with a comprehensive service.