Pay Per Click Optimisation

Spending a fortune on Pay Per Click advertising and not getting any return?

Are you using PayPer Click correctly?

Pay Per Click Optimisation


Pay Per Click advertising is unfortunately imperative to business success until you are getting the right results with Search engine optimisation. However I have come across many companies that are not running AdWords campaigns correctly and are missing out on the tricks of the trade. AdWords is now so complex that you need a full time person to learn the package, with me you get someone who has been working on AdWords since it started.

Currently I assist in running campaigns for multiple clients with a combined ad spend of over £50,000 per month. I can take your campaign and optimise it for better performance, all you do is wait for the results. You can then either mirror the work I have completed, or pay me a retainer to manage the account.

Don't forget that AdWords are not your only route to Market, have you looked at cross channel selling? do you know what cross channel selling is? By setting up cross channel selling you can cost effectively grow your business.

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